What was your age when you started to draw and what is your motivation to do so?

When I was at the age of 4, I loved drawing. I would watch art & craft shows on t.v and create things. Through out kindergarten, painting was my first preference as I  brought home a drawing every day. ‘PASSION & CREATIVITY’ is my motivation.


Did you go to school for illustrating? Is this just a hobby?

YES! through out my schooling (Primary – middle school/high school) I took every art, craft and design class as well as desktop publishing/Web Design and Animation.
I also graduated in University of SA, Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design and Illustrations) and took side classes (multimedia, web design and Animation)
It was a hobby when I was really young (age 4-7) till I decided this was my passion for the rest of my life) I knew what I wanted to grow up to be at age 9.


What do you use to draw (programs and tools/equipment)?

Through out my years I’ve been using Photoshop CS, CC3 to CS5 and my first Tablet was Wacom Bamboo Fun.
I now use Photoshop CS6 and Wacom Cintiq 13HD to draw

Other than drawing, what other Do you?
As like I said at a young age, I knew I wanted to draw as my ‘life Job’ but I also wanted to be an animator. I learned how to do animation at age 10. I’ve used multiple programs like adobe Flash, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop at age 10 then grew learning adobe Illustrator and Indesign in University. I know how to crochet animals, bind journals, make polymer clay desserts etc. I also do photography work as well.


Need a body base? When did you draw your first ‘good’ drawing?

When I was really young I would draw a body base. At the age of 10, I started to draw freehand (straight on drawing) without sketching a base underneath. I’ve also stopped drawing fan art copying (drawing off the same picture) at that age and started to draw my own work. Throughout my many years of not giving up drawing, I’ve seen so many improvement even though back in the days, I drawings was good enough. I’d say to the point my drawings got really better was back in 2007.


How long have you been drawing on a tablet ?

My first Tablet was a Wacom Bamboo Fun in 2008 which I used for 7 years.
I now own a Wacom Cintiq 13HD.
(2013 - present)


As a designer/illustrator as a side thing from your daily job how do you advertise your work and how do you get clients?

Sometimes advertising your work is hard. I think its all about social media. I started to put my work on DEVIANTART since 2009 till I started to lead myself having my own blog on TUMBLR for extra publicity. 2013 I started my FACEBOOK Jenni Illustrations, my INSTAGRAM and TWITTER  also.
I get clients from multiple social medias who sees my work and contacts me.


what is your usual drawing method?

When I was young, I use to always draw on paper (Still do sometimes) and then scan and colour with a mouse as back in the days I didn’t have enough money for those kinds of things like a Tablet. Since 2008, I draw straight onto my laptop.